Gripology 20 X



Maximum Camera Height: 20ft
Minimum Camera Height: 7ins
Maximum Reach of Arm: 17.5ft
Minimum Reach of Arm: 12.5ft
Total Operational Weight without Camera: 285kgs
Height of Crane on Base: 6ft 9ins
Width of Base: 3ft 2ins
Power Supply: Batteries or Mains

The Gripology 20X Crane is of lightweight construction, but still tough enough to deal with both 16mm and 35mm camera packages. Its size and manoeuvrability makes it particularly suitable for use in inaccessible or difficult locations. It's manually adjustable telescopic arm, increases in reach from 12.5ft to 17.5ft in six inch increments, which enables the perfect size to be achieved. It has a set up time of just 30 minutes, and can be dismantled and moved to a new location with minimal loss of valuable shooting time.




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